South Sligo has a wealth of interesting natural & cultural heritage that can be explored on this Irish Day Trip…

    South Sligo Heritage Trip

    On your day trip to South Sligo you can explore a wealth of cultural heritage centres such as Sligo Folk Park, Arigna Mining Experience and the Michael Coleman Music Centre. There are also many natural heritage sites to be found in South Sligo such as The Keash Caves and Carrowkeel Megalithic Complex.

    Sligo Folk Park

    Sligo Folk Park is located in the beautiful village of Riverstown, County Sligo. This community based attraction provides a true experience of rural life and Irish heritage at the turn of the late 19th Century. For more information visit Sligo Folk Park.

    Arigna Mining Experience

    Arigna Mining Experience center was developed to preserve the energy heritage of the Arigna Valley and to ensure that Arigna maintains its link with Energy themes: Past, Present & Future. This Energy Centre provides visitors with a unique insight into what coal mining life was like in the Arigna Valley, since its beginning in the 1700’s until closure in 1990. Visit Arigna Mining Experience for more information.

    Carrowkeel Megalithic Complex

    Carrowkeel is a Neolithic passage tomb cemetery in the south of County Sligo, 45 minutes from Mount Edward Lodge. CArbon Dating dating places the tombs at Carrowkeel between 5400 and 5100 years old (3400 to 3100 BC), so that they predate the Pyramids on Egypt’s Giza plateau by 500–800 years.

    Carrowkeel is set on high ground above Lough Arrow, and the tombs seem to be oriented towards the area of Cuil Irra, Knocknarea and Carrowmore. There are fourteen passage tombs in Carrowkeel. Some can be entered by crawling through a narrow passage. For more information on Carrowkeel visit The Sacred Island.

    Keash Caves

    These caves on the Ballymote – Boyle Road are rich with history and the remains of celtic ancestors. Inside you will see signs of humans, cave bears, arctic lemmings, reindeer and Irish elks. Only 6km south of Ballymote, it has spectacular views of Benbulben Mountains and Fairy Hill. Visit Voices from the Dawn for more information.

    Michael Coleman Music Centre

    The Coleman Traditional Irish Music Centre is a celebration of Irish Music, Culture and Heritage as expressed in the South Sligo Style of music played by Michael Coleman and other musicians of his time. The Music Centre is dedicated to ensuring that the tradition of Irish music remains a living one ‘an traidisiún beo’ and that it continues to be enjoyed by all ages and nationalities. Visit Coleman Irish Music for more information.