Strandhill is home to Knocknarea, the hill of Kings where the legendary Queen Maeve is believed to be buried…


    Strandhill is a popular coastal village and townland located 25 minutes from Mount Edward Lodge. The village is home to a golf course and several surfing schools as well as bars, restaurants and Voya Seaweed Baths.

    Strandhill has two beautiful beaches suitable for walking the main Strandhill Beach and Culleenamore Strand. You can also drive to Coney Island (tide permitting) and Climb Knocknarea from townland.

    Other places of interest to visit in the area include The Glen which is a narrow, deep and long chasam on the south face of Knocknarea, Dolly’s Cottage a 19th century thatch cottage and the Carrowmore Tombs located on the south east side of Knocknarea.

    In August, Strandhill plays host to the Warriors Run Festival, one of Ireland’s toughest competitive races, it is a 15km race which invloves running to the top of Knocknarea through fields, loose gravel and heather. Visit Go Strandhill and Warriors Festival for more information.